Learn About American Football

American Football is played in various forms, and the Wildcats play 11-man, full-contact.

In the US, different organisations govern different leagues and run different rules at high school, college, and professional level. Canadian football is an entirely different game.

Internationally the game is run by IFAF.

In New Zealand all 11-man full-contact games are run using the NCAA (college) rules. This means that certain rules you seen enforced in NFL games and in Madden video games are not applicable to games in New Zealand.

The core of the game revolves around getting the ball into the endzone to score six points. 11 players on each team line up for a play, which is an attempt by the offensive team to move the ball forward. The offensive team must move the ball forward by 10 yards in four attempts, or they hand over possession to the defensive team. Once they move the ball those ten or more yards downfield, they have achieved a ‘first down’ and repeat the process to gain another ten yards in four attempts, all the way up the field until they score or lose possession. On TV it can look like a total mess, because there is so much else going on.

Because there is so much else happening on every place, in some ways this is best feature for attracting people to the game; there are so many specialist positions that almost anyone can find a role in the team, and rosters are allowed to be very large (at one point the Wildcats had 50+ active players on the senior roster) so everyone gets a chance to play every weekend. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small.

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